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Concerns Over CERN (Timelines) - Lords of the Akash

"CERN's capabilities are far beyond any known technology in your collective mind at present. The technology indeed surpasses your collective conscious awareness, in your current space time continuum. The energetic implications of which, lend themselves to a probability of potential chaos, in respect of timeline trajectory. That being said, we do see great advancements on the horizon in your space time continuum.

There are those on your planetary sphere that wish to derail the ascension process. What better way to do so than with manipulation of timeline trajectory and orientation. As you are already aware, CERN's activity has caused timeline collision and large scale collective reset.

The changes of such reckless manipulation and change in mass consciousness trajectory, is evident in your current collective manifestations. Insofar as the split or jolt from one mass timeline to another, leaves the collective in a state of disassociation.

No longer resonant with previous timeline trajectory; this is felt at the individual level with respective timeline orientation . This then creates confusion, doubt and fear in the individual and collective consciousness. Thus, alignment to lower density trajectory and potential takes place. In aligning with lower timeline potentials, this opens the door to denser manifestation based on lower vibratory energetics, like fear and doubt. And so the collective is transported into chaos, unbeknownst to the mass consciousness as to how this materialised.

And so we depart with a message that the ability to trust is tantamount to navigating the ascension process. Despite the circumstances the ability to remain sovereign in your conviction and vibratory frequency; will allow you to navigate the tumultuous sea of timeline possibility ahead in your space time continuum."


It was no accident CERN's Hadron Collider was re-activated in line with America's Independence celebrations, June 2022. A timeline where the majority of the collective is distracted and incoherent, is far easier to manipulate. A few days later, I felt a huge shift in the astral. Our entire collective had shifted to a new timeline.

Reflections of this shift became apparent in the external. A state of disassociation, as unfolding events simply did not add up. Meanwhile, the collective becoming ever more chaotic. At times this made me doubt. A self perpetuating game, that leads to lower vibratory timeline alignment.

With CERN set to continue smashing atoms and impacting timeline trajectory, meditation, self-care, nature, affirmations; all necessary to maintain our vibration. The ascension process is no easy feat. However, our conviction, heartfelt intention and trust; will guide us through the tumultuous sea of potential ahead.


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