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Boundaries and Confrontational Energetics (Soul Contracts) - The Council of Light

"The energetic line between one field and that of another, from time to time may result in entanglement within your current density. There are a number of reasons as to why this may occur in your hologram. Entanglement may be beneficial for a said time space. When two people are involved romantically and are cohabitating for example.

However, there may be a time space when entanglement is no longer resonant. This may also be the case with friendships and relatives in your holographic reality. This leads to energetic incoherence and conflict at the 3D level. This may result in the finalising and completion of contracted agreements. This may result in a parting of ways and separation of energies for a period or perhaps indefinitely. This is part of your human holographic experience.

This event may evoke strong emotions or disturbances energetically. As such, this period may be fraught with turbulence as assimilation, inference and calibration takes place. This is an adjustment phase that is felt by both contracted parties. This is not a winner and loser situation, insofar as both parties have to acclimate to the absence felt in their energetic field. And so this is a confrontational event felt equally by all those involved.

Nevertheless, it is a happening that takes place for a reason. Lessons will be learned on both sides of the energetic spectrum of experience. And so we depart with the vibration of empathy, compassion and understanding. As to all who experience these such events, remember that your frequency, your ability to observe and empathise with the other party, will allow you to overcome the turbulence you have been presented with. And so we hope this assists in the navigation of your density and completion of contractual agreements."


We have all felt the repercussions of soul contract completion. Perhaps a relationship ending or distance between friends A parting of energetics, providing both parties with space to consider and understand the deeper lessons. A reverberation felt on both sides, as we adjust and stabilise to our new holographic reality.

There are many reasons soul agreements take place. Some may be karmic, an energetic cycle seeking to be cleared. Both parties pursuing the opposing energetics to an experience previously actualised. Alternatively, a karmic adaptation from another life. Again an energetic cycle seeking to be fulfilled. Some agreements may assist one another with goals aligned to our higher purpose. Regardless of the reasons, you can guarantee every agreement has evolutionary growth through experience, as the primary focus.

An extremely dense reality, sometimes this may be hard to accept. However, in understanding that all experience eventually leads to growth, we can observe our behaviour to better know ourselves. Without judgement but with total honesty, we provide the right environment to realign. In this space we have compassion and understanding for the other person, ensuring the density does not manifest and take hold.


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