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Atonement and Attunement to Source Light Frequency at this Time of Transition - The Council of Light

"To atone is to attune to the increased vibratory resonance that is taking hold on your planetary sphere. The increased light quotient has meant that acclimation is necessary to ensure rehabilitative change takes place.

That being said, there are some that find this transition more turbulent than others. The increased light quotient in the body can and will result in density surfacing to clear. This translates to the physical as ill health, ailments in the body or extreme emotional wave light expression.

The markers of such an energetic shift usually coincide with cosmic energetics to extrapolate and harness the desired timeline trajectory of potential. The designation of timeline trajectory is swiftly followed by a period of integration, as acclimation takes place.

The acclimation to new and improved timelines will create notable change in your reality. Some of these changes may be unexpected, whereas some may feel aligned and welcomed instantaneously.

The issues arise when we react from a place of uncertainty when faced with the unexpected. This drop in frequency can hinder the trajectory and orientation of timeline alignment. As such, hindering the physical changes and desired actualisation of timeline alignment. And so an awareness of ones own spatial and energetic frequency, is necessary throughout the entire process.

And so we depart on a feeling of happiness, an uplifting energy of peace and abundance for all on your planetary sphere of existence, in your space time continuum"


As always a moments focus, letting the uplifting frequency take hold and the peaceful wave wash over you. Sitting in this energy, the more gratitude you exude the stronger it gets.

Following the Lions Gate portal, I personally experienced some unexpected change in my reality. A little taken aback, I questioned what this meant in respect of timeline trajectory. The flux in energy (verging on doubt) potentially creating a shift in timeline orientation.

Firstly, I was reminded to trust. Secondly, I noted the beauty of transience, integral to experience. Change is inevitable. Welcomed and observed from a place of curiosity; we remain aligned, we remain in flow.

With heightened energetic transfers increasing, we must listen to our intuition. If we feel the need to be alone, to be in nature, to increase meditation or rest, we must not ignore these thoughts and feelings. Most often this is our higher-self communicating what we need.


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