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Astrological Events in Your Space Time Continuum (Lion's Gate Portal 8/8) -The Council of Light

"The astrological events taking place on your planetary sphere are to align Gaia Mother Earth, with the sun star of Sirius and the Giza formation of the three great pyramids. This event is a monumental happening insofar as it is a time of great change, opportunity and manifestation.

The cylindrical patterning of your planetary body and now organic nodal joins; allows for attributes of the one, source creator, to take hold like never before. An intensity unparalleled for thousands of linear years. Illumination is truly going to take hold on your planetary sphere of existence and understanding.

The nodal joins are currently stable with final adjustments taking place over the coming weeks and months. This will benefit the collective in ways unimaginable to most in your now moment of existence. This will result in mass awakenings and illumination of universal truths and understanding. This will result in the oppressive planetary forces disintegration, as an ever increased vibratory resonance simply will not allow them to survive.

This will result in an elevation of consciousness to such a degree, that the birthing of the quantum human will take precedence as an unstoppable force. Evolution at its finest. The catalyst for a whole new era of perception, understanding and divine unity consciousness.

The illumination creating monumental shifts in how you operate, how you live and what you define as your truth. This will create cataclysmic change to the very fabric of your core being. The wheels are well and truly set into motion, as of this now transmission. Let all who receive this channel and beyond be blessed with a sense of excitement and curiosity, as to the magnitudinal changes that lay ahead in your linear space time continuum of perception and understanding."


A moments focus, you may feel the excitement in your heart space. An energising flutter, as we consider the possibilities and potential of the road ahead.

With the sun in Leo, Sirius and Orion's Belt will align with the Giza plateau. Celebrated for thousands of years, the portal is well known for its potent energy. However, this year we will experience an intensification of these energies, as a result of the newly organic grid structures.

Ways to navigate this energy and secure your highest timeline trajectory are explored in other posts. Nevertheless, an awareness of your energy is necessary during intense energetic transfers. Time in nature, hydration, self-inquiry and positive affirmations; some of the ways you can ground and stabilise. Curious and heart-centred, we transition to a higher timeline trajectory.


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