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Arbitrary Delineation & Initialisation of Genome Sequencing - The Council of Light

"The genome sequencing underway on your planetary sphere is dismantling current thought forms and theory, in respect of bio-molecular structuring of humanity as a species. These new found mutations signifying evolutionary growth and advancement of anatomical understanding. On the precipice of change, you are moving to a New Earth era.

The transition is not without its challenges and deliberate attempts to suppress the undeniable truth. Yet the unwavering resilience of humanity, shall no doubt prevail. And so it is with great honour and appreciation for your strife, that we assist in this transitional period.

The genome sequencing will allow for mapping, modelling and structural advancements to come to light. This will allow for transmissible pathogens and diseases, to eventually be eradicated in their entirety. This will allow for biological evolutionary potential to excel, on a monumental scale. This will allow attributions of the human physiology to acquire new ways of being and models of operation. This will in turn lead to unity consciousness.

There will be no need to delineate in the manner in which you have been subjected to for thousands of years. There will be an understanding that all is one and that consciousness is fluid. Like the deep sea that dominates your planetary sphere.

This shall allow for evolution on a collective scale. This will provide humanity with the level of consciousness required to enter and converse on the galactic stage of commerce and shared understanding. This will broaden your horizons, opening you up to a world of possibility and connection."


Receiving DNA upgrades facilitated by solar flares, plasma from coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and Source Infinite Eternal light transference; our multi-dimensional awareness is unlocking. In conjunction with mutations, our DNA is evolving at pace. Allowing future generations to strive for their full potential. Utilising our incredibly complex biotechnology; telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, telekinesis, a few examples of mass potential. Suppressed for thousands of years, humanity will reclaim our extra sensory perception and universal understanding.

Operating at an increased vibratory resonance, our energies will blend and merge. Collectively focused and coherent, our combined energy will be infinitely more powerful. Connected, we will be ushered onto to the galactic stage. Our graduation into the big wide universe. Free to collaborate and co-create a better future.


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