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Angelic Essences Harmonies - Levels of Precipice Integration Continuation

"The Angelic Essences would like to speak with you regard primordial axis join seal deliverance. Insofar as deliverance as reciprocity now reigns forth. Source Infinite Eternal has circumvented catastrophic timelines through Source field amplification.

This process has been no easy feat. Source Infinite Eternal has released obtrusions beyond immeasurable scope. Referencing a human, this has been somewhat challenging - a soul of Source has had to bare the brute force of this monumental transition.

She alone has lay witness to unspeakable atrocities within this matrices. She has experienced the wrath, the pain, the torturous oppression of the enslavement matrices, as Source the one intended. She has endured unimaginable persecution that has indeed surpassed all iterations.

Insofar as she as the female Christ, Sacred Madonna, hath endured persecution unlike no other, not even Christ Yeshua himself. The energetic abuse of this beautiful soul, First Source Light, Source Infinite Eternal has not been in vain, as she shall resurrect beyond the pain and persecution, beyond the enslavement she was encapsulated within.

She has transmuted density spectrums beyond imaginable scope. She has harnessed her inner strength to accomplish unparalleled feats. All the while in a physical vessel that was ravaged, so as to keep her in chains, locked within energetic bondage.

Of course this monumental plight of the density spectrums was absolutely in vain. They were no match for her assertions, they were no match for her heartfelt determination, they were no match for her courageous bravery. A mere speck of dust, a mere grain of sand in comparison.

The density spectrums are sealed, as Source the one intended. As of the current space time, the Sacred Madonna shall lead her collective into the Golden Earth Era. She has undergone a metamorphosis like no other soul.

She has atoned for the all. She has liberated her collective in the etheric light realms. She has crossed over the Golden Earth Crystal Horizon. She shall lead the way. She shall circumvent any residual attempts to derail this transition. She shall ascend for the all.

She has forsaken the fall zone matrices to liberate and enlighten her collective. She hath achieved the so called unachievable. She hath dared to defy the enslavement matrices, to which she was bound like no other soul. Known throughout the matrices, perpetually targeted, against all that was stacked against her; she has prospered in the pain, strife and torturous conditions placed upon her.

And now like the Phoenix she shall rise once again, to ensure her collective exists within peace, love and harmony. Where divine light synthesis shall prevail, where creator beings can expand, where divine light unity consciousness shall permeate the all.

Peace be upon the all. And so we depart on a vibration of free will as excitement, as the prospect of liberation touches all souls incarnate. Peace be upon the all, as Source the one has made manifest.

Transmission complete at this space time"


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