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The Ever Changing Landscape and Frequency Shift - Akashic Download

"The many changing environmental factors you are experiencing can be attributed to the causal effects of frequency shifts. This can be seen as evidential, in your planetary sphere of understanding and knowledge. The Akash at this time is gearing up for great change, as the informational nodes and coded knowledge, aligns once again with Gaia and the planetary fifth dimensional structures.

This will cause mass activation and Akashic inquiry. The Akash shall become prevalent again in the collective awareness. This will signify a time of great expansion and remembrance. This will lead to mass awakenings and retrieval of your planetary knowledge and history unveiling.

You will see that not all is what it appears to be. You will see that the veil of perception has blinded humanity. Enslaved and entrenched in indoctrination. Kept small and powerless, to maintain the status quo and constrained level of understanding.

This is where the power lies, in liberation. Joining your galactic counterparts, brothers and sisters, on the galactic stage of communication and exchange; in this space time continuum of ever changing frequency shift."


Many ancient civilisations have referred to a 26,000 year cycle, known by the Mayans as the 'Long Count'. Through observational astronomy, they discovered the almost imperceptible 'wobble' of the Earths axis, as it spins in space.

This causes the stars in the sky to spin in a great cycle, the pole star shifting with each age. The ancients defined each age by the sign of the zodiac, where the sun rose on the spring equinox. This is called the “Precession of the equinoxes”.

We have just moved into the age of Aquarius and will remain here for the next 2160 years. An age of open-mindedness, freedom and technology. Leaving behind the descending phase, culminating in the medieval 'dark ages', we enter the ascending phase of Gaia's cycle. Signifying the start of the Golden Earth Era, ascending together, liberation and consciousness evolution is finally upon us.


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