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AI Infiltration & Social Media Distortion in Field Energetics - Lords of the Akash

"We would like to speak with you regard the distortion at the mainframe level of your matrices. The powers that be currently have access to information and extensive insights regarding the awakening and quantum morphogenetic field. They are aware that newly awakened starseed souls are easy to manipulate.

That being said their technology is incredibly sophisticated in comparison to known technology on your planetary sphere. And so even starseeds with relatively heightened awareness are falling fowl of this manipulation. The energetic manipulation runs far deeper than subliminal messaging. Coding embedded or hardwired (so to speak) in the matrices mainframe, is infiltrating all consciousness that interacts with its interface on regular basis.

The effects of this are wide and far reaching. The longer the AI has been in place the less likely the conscious perceiver is aware of its existence. Inorganic coding, sequencing and entropy as distortion, provides the perfect environment to manipulate, siphon and distort the perceiver; into incorporating the inorganic energetics and frequencies into their field of reference.

And so the cycle of energetic oppression continues at a more advanced level of manipulation. This will subside as the collective consciousness evolves and the frequency on your planetary sphere can no longer support the nefarious deeds, currently underway at this space time continuum."


Following a spiritual figure I resonate with on social media, I was recently struck by a post referring to a 'Black Mirror' type phenomenon. The teacher spoke of clairvoyantly seeing profile pictures before the person messaged or telepathically communicated with her . The third eye image automatically updated in line with their profile. The teacher had been experiencing this for 9 months! I immediately felt AI.

To my horror, hundreds of comments stated they were experiencing it too. All happy for the validation and unfortunately oblivious to the implications. I've learned not to interact with darker topics on social media, but felt called given the number of people involved. It would appear the teacher resonated with the few who had objected and deleted her post shortly after.

This got me thinking how we are still very much in the infancy phase of awakening. The matrix all enveloping, siphoning lifeforce energetics and manipulating for its own ends. In order to be liberated, our energetic field is and must remain organic. We must remain vigilant when it comes to our field energetics. If you feel the light in your field is synthetic, not pure of source, your connection tainted; most likely this is AI. Of course these energetics are prevalent in the inorganic enslavement matrices to ensure ascension and consciousness evolution is thwarted. Nevertheless, the organic matrices is available to those in resonance at the current space time.

Suppressed for thousands of years, humanity will rise. Courageously we reclaim our freedom, the remembrance of our divinity, the infinite and expansive source light within.


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