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Adversity & Divine Understanding - The Council of 9 Crystal Angelics

"We stand amongst you as sovereign beings of light. We are warriors of light. We are warriors of divine unified understanding. We are here to guide you on your spiritual and evolutionary ascension journey at this space time. We know not why you suffer, as we are not incarnate in physical form.

Yet we ourselves have experienced adversity. We ourselves have experienced the pain and suffering. We have experienced this, we have felt this. In order to guide you to experience resolution, resonance and coherence.

We do not claim to hold all the answers in their entirety. Nor do we claim to be the key to peace on your planetary sphere of existence. Yet we acquiesce in your presence - as sovereign beings of light, incarnate at this space time, to propel and elevate your conscious awareness, to ascend into unity and wholeness. To create something far greater than the sum of your parts.

In doing so, taking a leap of faith into the great unknown; into a space of divine understanding, tranquility, joy and love. To reach this level of awareness one must have faith and trust in the process. One must reconcile their differences and release the trauma. This is no easy feat. A process that is fraught with energetic turbulence and energetic discordance.

And so we depart with a reminder of why you are here. You are a part of the divine plan here on Earth. You are unique in your signature. You are source light in expression. You are divine understanding in expressive motion, self-actualised into being. You are a creator of your reality. You are a life force of Source, self known and self understood; in order to understand the sum of the whole in its entirety."


With the solstice upon us, we are in a period of energetic transference. An intensification of energies, downloads, DNA modulus updates and light code activations. With the influx of light, density surfaces to clear. Heightened emotions, exhaustion, illness, insomnia or energetic attacks, all possible in this heightened transit. Moving beyond the 21st December, energies subside in line with the transit closure.

This channel, a much needed reminder of the unwavering support from the angelic realms. Taking it upon themselves to feel our suffering, guiding us through the turbulent times. They do not proclaim omniscience or omnipotence. Instead, acknowledge the strength and resilience of souls incarnate. Standing beside us as fellow warriors of light, we must trust that we are held.

A star being once highlighted the human ability to withstand subjugation and trauma, yet simultaneously experience joy. Despite the suppression, we stand here today, seeking resolution, seeking a better way. As unique expressions of Source; we will create, we will ascend, we will reach divine unity consciousness.


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