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Actualisation - The Council of Light

'Actualisation is the key to affirming energetic progression. The energy exchange is required to balance the motive and intent. The frequency is circumvential to the outcome. The outcome is a transitory mode of being. The frequency is energy or action in motion. Assimilate to higher frequencies to actualise energetic exchange. This will provide the basis for change.

Deconstruction of old programming, beliefs and behavioural patterning will ensue at this higher vibratory resonance. Change will propagate at speed and with relative ease. The new paradigm is one of joy, love and abundance. This is a paradigm where actualisation is available to all who attune to the frequency. This is a state of being and a new way of experiencing reality. This will propel the human collective forward in their ascension and evolution. This is the prophecy of the one.'


You may have heard the saying ' as above so below'. The origins of which stem from an ancient Hermetic text, known as the Emerald Tablet. These texts have been extremely influential in philosophical, theologic and esoteric communities. They refer to the microcosm and the macrocosm. The micro smaller systems such as the human body, reflective of the larger universe and vice versa (aka the holographic universe). In addition the idea that the universe is made of different realms, such as the spiritual and physical. Energetic changes made in the astral or quantum field, are reflective of the physical reality we find ourselves in.

Actualisation is timeline alignment that has been secured by frequency or action, to ensure desired manifestation within our holographic physical reality. Following the principle of as above so below, our frequency is key to the outcome. Raising our vibration, we must bring awareness to our thoughts, emotions and actions. Leaving behind limiting beliefs and constructs that no longer serve us, to reflect the desired change. Individual change will then ripple through the collective. Co-creating our new reality, ascending and evolving as source, the one, the everything intended.


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