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Acclimation and Assimilation to an Ever Increasing Vibratory Resonance - The Council of Light

"Acclimation and assimilation to source frequency is the ultimate goal of ascension, insofar as it empowers and activates the soul essence. The endeavour of reaching enlightenment is not so much enlightenment, but the journey one must take to achieve this state of beingness. The trials and tribulations defining how we evolve and grow; to be more understanding of the challenges faced by others.

The denser energetics providing a range of frequency from which to evolve, compared with the lighter and higher energetics experienced on your planetary body. It is indeed the case that without hardship, how must one really know peace and joy? That is not to say that we welcome hardship on your planetary sphere, we merely assert that without it, there would be no known peace and love on the wave light spectrum of experience. For to experience one of these frequencies, one must experience the opposing force; as an energetic cycle seeking completion in your dualistic plane of existence.

The reverberation of such density can be felt far and wide on your planetary sphere, as you acclimate and assimilate to lighter and heightened vibratory resonance. And so we must remain neutral and stable during the eye of the storm. As is the case with all experience, this soon will come to pass.

And so we depart with a vibrational message to ground and stabilise, during times of great chaos and change. To remember that humanity is never alone, in the monumental journey we call ascension. You have the support of the universe and the grounding stabilising energies of Mother Gaia, to assist you in this transition of transformation. And now we leave you in the presence of this grounding and stabilising energy . Peace be with all who receive this channel and beyond."


All channels are vibrational, their coded knowledge activating and transforming your energetic sequencing. However, you may wish to take a moment to meditate, ensuring you feel the true extent of this transmission:

You may feel a strong magnetic grounding pull at your root. Gaia's stabilising energies swirling up and around your core, moving toward your crown. Deep breaths, the exhale emanating and exuding Gaia's frequencies. Deep connectivity, running from Mother Gaia's core into your very being. A peaceful wave washes over.

Dear child of Gaia, you are loved, you are stable; you are supported, you are held.


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