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A Message for Humanity, The Great Awakening - Prophet Abraham

"The planetary shift in consciousness that is underway on your planetary sphere is akin to the times of Christ incarnate. Insofar as the frequency is rising and mass awakenings are happening in your space time.

We must not judge those who remain in slumber, for they too will experience the light, when it is ready to be revealed. Those of us within the rays of Source light must emanate this frequency out. Beaming it as far out as your minds eye can perceive.

To awaken the slumbering masses, we must have patience, humility and compassion; in order to ground, facilitate and integrate the increased light hitting your planetary sphere. You are the chosen ones. You are incarnate at this space time, to assist in the great awakening and consciousness evolution.

You are source, self-actualised into being, expressive in motion. You alone have the light of the entire universe within you. You are the monad from which to create. You have universal structuring within your very beingness. You must know that you are infinite in reach and understanding, should you choose to accept the path of ascension.

You are free thinkers, bound only by societal constraints and norms placed upon you. You alone have the power to break free, to create from a space of loving intention, to connect with the divine Source daily. To liberate yourself and the masses and discover human potential.

This in turn will create divine unity, love, peace and joy to envelope your planetary sphere. Forming a matrices of expansion, divine and galactic connection, for all those who participate in your planetary human experience. This will be the New Earth paradigm. This will be available now, should you choose to assimilate."


The profound energy of this transmission brought me to tears. Admittedly, a little frustrated and recently passing judgement. Why has society not woken up yet? Why is it so difficult? Moments of pure bliss, connection to Source, beautiful lightwork; followed by bouts of incoherence, discordance and old patterning.

A reminder that we are the monad. Derived from the Greek words 'monas' meaning unity and 'monos' alone. Brought into human awareness through channelled knowledge, Pythagoras believed the monad was the supreme being, divinity or the totality of all things. As the monad, we are the one, the many, the everything that is Source. An illusion of separation, when indeed we are unified.

Similarly, if we consider a hologram in our 3D reality. Each piece containing a particular perspective, whilst still projecting the entire object. We are the perspectives. The entirety of reality inclusive in our very beingness.

Shedding societal constraints, our behaviour, thoughts, beliefs and potential evolves. Emanating Source light, we activate others. Creating a new reality, a new matrices based on love, connection and expansion. Yes this might be challenging at times but heightened frequential resonance is available now. A simple choice, do I resist or do I assimilate?


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