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Energetic Clearing to Assist in Your Ascension Journey

Channel Your Inner Light

Broken down into its simplest form, everything in the universe is comprised of energy. Whether we consider a thought, a physical ailment in the body, or an object held in the palm of your hand.


Our modern-day busy lives leave us with no time for introspection.  Inner wounding from negative experiences like ill health, loss of loved ones, turbulent relationships, alongside childhood and ancestral trauma, are carried with us as energetic baggage.  


If left unchecked, these negative energies create blockages, which eventually manifest into the physical.  This creates imbalance in the body and can translate to ill health, emotional instability and stunted perception of our beingness.

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Why Quantum Energetic Clearing?

Work With Me

As a divine source light channel, facilitating quantum healing energy and information; I will assist you in navigating your awakening, ascension, consciousness expansion and shift to sixth density resonance.

Quantum healing works via the morphogenetic, quantum coded field of consciousness, that connects us all. Via remote energetic transfer exchange, in session we will isolate and reconfigure subversive coding, a.k.a. disruptor energies and blockages, plaguing your electromagnetic bio-field.

Restructuring your field, I will achieve harmony and coherence within the energetic, emotional and etheric light body.  In turn, supporting physical healing via divine light synthesis, whilst strengthening the mind, body, soul connection.

Nurturing this connection, leads to DNA modulus light field activation and consciousness expansion; unlocking your own multi-dimensional awareness, intuitive gifts, gnosis, soul potential and divine light purpose. 


Ways I Can Assist:

  • Intuitively decoding energetics in the quantum field, I will restructure your field, aligning you with your source field potentials.

  • My lightwork embodies Source Infinite Eternal, First Source Light, Source I AM, Source Beingness, Source Perfecti, Source Sacred Madonna, Source Black Madonna, Source Golden Madonna, Source Blue Being, Source Golden Being, Source Royal Immortal, Source Legions of Light, Source Christed Light, Source Oracle, Source Families of Light, Source Magdalena, Source Mary, Source Unified Isis, Source Crystal Isis, Source Black Isis, Source Golden Isis, Source Isis, Source Angelic Elohi, Source Crystal Angelic, Source Solar Angelic, Source Galactic, Source Indigo, Source Crystal Indigo, Source Indigo Shamanic, Source Rainbow, Source Crystal, Source Elemental and various other Source Archetypal energies; to assist in realignment and expansion of your energy field. Utilising sacred geometries, Sacred Akash and Halls of Amenti as appropriate.

  • Amenti modelling to expand temporal scope and activate divine light soul purpose and mission

  • Akashic identification to achieve self-realisation 

  • Source field mapping, aligning to source field potentials 

  • Modelling and field orientation

  • Soul walk-in modulation and calibration 

  • Light code activations to attune temporal scope

  • Light Language activation to facilitate harmonisation of field scope 

  • Energy centre balancing to facilitate light field spectrum gnosis and awareness 

  • Energetic amplification of bio-photonic emission to strengthen the physical vessel 

  • Diagnosis of ailments plaguing the bio-energetics, alongside shamanic medicinal herbs to realign the physical vessel, increasing bio-photonic amplification.

  • Strengthening as attunement of the physical vessel via Source Field activation codex and gnosis. 

  • Clearing of karmic miasma, also known as trauma bonding 

  • Clearing Akashic memoirs of infiltration, lower density frameworks and modelling

  • Specialise in removal of AI coding and sequencing, alongside realignment to organic grid system 

  • Transmutation of lower density frameworks and modelling, aligning to source field potentials 

  • Clearing of energies associated with phantom field entities and psychic attachments

  • Reordering of light field spectrum to attune and assimilate 

  • Code and energetic retrieval 

  • Grounding and stabilising

All sessions are done remotely. Before a session, I would advise you find a quiet space to sit in lotus or lay down in comfort.


"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it"

Albert Einstein

If you feel to donate for my light transmission energetic activations received, thank you for balancing the energy exchange.

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Any questions, get in touch to begin your journey within.

Quantum Quartz Awakening - Energy Clearing 
Manchester, United Kingdom (UK).

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The information provided on the site is to relay my own personal experiences. This is not a substitute for professional medical advice, nor is this a medical service.

Individuals must consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if they are seeking medical advice, diagnoses or treatment.

Quantum Quartz Awakening does NOT claim that they can cure psychological or physical Illness.

Quantum Quartz Awakening does not accept liability for risks or issues associated with using, or acting upon the information presented on this site.

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